In DVAT - Plastic Noise Experience - Transmitted Memory (CD, Album)

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  1. Moogull
    5 Important Specifications To Consider When Choosing A CD Player We're cutting through the jargon to show you what really matters when you're choosing a CD player. Specification tables for hi-fi equipment can quickly and easily spiral into mass blurs of numbers, abbreviations, lists, symbols and terms only understood by the biggest of audiophiles.
  2. Bajar
    Original Title: background noise/interference when playing some cd's__background noise/interference after cd has been ripped to go onto mp3 player. Can anyone attempt to explain why only on some cd's whenever I play them on the computer I get a lot of background noise like interference. But it's not on all of .
  3. Fejinn
    Plastic Noise Experience was formed in the end of by Claus Kruse and Stephan Kalwa (Your Schizophrenic Pal).Their electronic tunes, often described as aggressive EBM/Electro-industrial with splitting beats and noisy synthetic melodies, brought them a cult status worldwide.
  4. Goltibei
    Neuroscientists, in a typical demonstration of the biting wit we’re renowned for, call this memory for epsiodes of your life episodic memory. And you thought being a neuroscientist was hard.
  5. Fenrijin
    Apr 24,  · The sound of memory. What the hippocampus knows about things you hear. The neurons were representing the experience of the pitch changing. The experimenters showed this in a simple, elegant.
  6. Kekinos
    Jul 20,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE - "Memory Flow" YouTube Plastic Noise Experience ‎– Transmission (Full Album - ) - .
  7. Dozshura
    Sep 19,  · Hey guys I have the cure for this, the CD makes that noise because it is off balance. I found a way to fix this, it involves putting the CD in an angle grinder!! The CD will just fit into a standard 4" angle grinder like a cut off disc. Center it as best you can by eye then tighten it down gently. Put on eye protection and gloves!!
  8. Yozshucage
    The Soul of the Vinyl, without the Turntable. One of the classic tricks for breathing life into digitally recorded material is to incorporate the crackles and hisses from old vinyl recordings. You can use our Dust and Scratches generator to add a new "old" dimension to your digital music.
  9. Kanris
    The Sound of Memory New research shows you remember the things you hear. Posted Sep 16, They did not represent just any sound, but the personal experience of the sound in that particular.

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