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  1. Yozshuzilkree
    ANGRY ARNOLD RECORDS was established in in the social network VKONTAKTE and moved on laypecmekamamat.orswitunsirambiconmilithiliport.infoinfo in The label is based on the publication of avant-garde music and anti-music, crazy cruel noisecore or frostbitten black metal, whatever. mail - [email protected]rt.infoinfo vkpage -.
  2. Gulkis
    Apr 08,  · Intense Mortification is a French group of noisecore created in influenced by groups like Impetigo, Anal Cunt, 7MON, Sore Throat, etc. The group is composed of 4 members: Yvan (voices), Alex (guitar, drums, voices), Coco (bass, guitar, voices) and Nico (bass, voices).
  3. Bragore
    Noisecore and grind is melting pot of people from metal, punk, industrial, experimental, (etc) scenes. This lack of universal image can be seen as a good thing. Within most music styles, there is stereotype way of life or thinking and therefore, to be “accepted”, people make articifial images what fits in it.

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